Formed in 1977 by Steve Godfrey, Steve Cotton and Phil Gaylor, The Zeros played most of the classic London Punk clubs and were signed by Small Wonder Records, an offshot of the record shop of the same name located in East London.

The single "Hungry/Radio Fun " hit the market on October 1977 and in an effort to combat the eternal A-side vs. B-side stereotyping, Small Wonder had "Hungry" appear as the AA-side and "Radio Fun" as the A-side. They also let it be known on the label that the record was a "limited edition" and that it was "produced with difficulty", whatever that might refer to..

In November 1977 "Hungry" would resurface on the "Streets" compilation issued by Beggars Banquet records. Having recorded a Peel session , four tracks, on November 23: "Nice Girls", Hungry", "Easy Way Out", "Solid State".

The Zeros suffered from the implosion of 1st wave of Punk Rock which occured in 1978 and did not release anything until May 1979, when "What's Wrong With Pop Group" appeared on a split single with Powerpop band Action Replay. With the end of the decade the group broke up.