In 1976 Johnny Rich - drums, Steve Wollaston - bass and Del May - guitar, all from East London met singer/songwriter, Jesse Lynn-Dean from Islington. The chemistry was right and The Wasps were founded.
The Wasps began to rehearse at Johnny Rich's mums terraced house in Leytonsntone's "Millais Road". Rich's uncle Doug had given him his first drum kit. Lynn-Dean was stunned at the band's input and immediate understanding and ability to give his songs their unique Wasps identity. Rich and Wollaston were solid and powerful but at the same time bright and creative, building a foundation upon which Del May would go to work with a modified Gibson SG guitar strung partly with Ernie Ball bonjo strings.
The Wasps soon up together a set of original songs plus high-energy versions of "Jean Jeanie" and Tommy tuckers "High Heel Sneakers" and were asked by Terry Murphy to play at "The Bridge House" in Canning Town, London. The Wasps played to a packed house and the gig was reviewed by G. Dadomo of Sounds magazine, who declared The Wasps were a fine and exicting new band. The next day, Lynn-Dean called one of London's top booking agencies, 'Evolution'. Being careful not to mention they were a punk band, he told agent Bob Herd (later to become The Wasps manager) that The Wasps were available for work. That same day 'Evolution rang back told Lynn-Dean Georgie Fame had pulled out of 'The Marquee' that night and could The wasps stand in and be at 'The Marquee' in an hour for a sound check.

The Wasps were now playing regulary at venues all over London, including The Roxy, Rochester Castle, The Rock Garden, etc.. Curiously it seemed that whenever they played outside London the audiences were becoming more violent.
Biography taken from the WASPS CD "Punkryonics" available on Overground Rds