Though originally formed in Sunderland in early 1978, The WALL 's six year career may have seen them go through enough members to form their own football team but it also saw them release some damn good records along the way.

The first line up of note featured vocalist/guitarist Ian Lowery , bassist/vocalist Andy Griffits , guitarist John Hammond and drummer Bruce Archibald and it was this incarnation of the band that recorded the superb " New Way " Ep for Small Wonder Records. It's sucess - it sold over 10,000 copies and was heavily played by John Peel in his important Radio 1 show - led to Lowery and Andy relocating to London where they recruited guitarist Nick Ward and drummer Rab Fae Beith (ex-The Pack) and they issued the " Exchange " single for Small Wonder which reached N°26 in the very first published Independant Chart and was produced by the Sex Pistols Steve Jones (the first band to be poduced by a member of the Pistols).

Howerver, not long after this the band suffered the time honoured 'musical differences' which led to the departure of Lowery who was replaced by one time RUEFREX member Ivan Kelly and he made his debut with the band on a UK tour supporting the ANGELIC UPSTARTS and on their first single for Fresh Records, August 1980's " Ghetto " Ep which, produced by SHAM 69's Jimmy Pursey, enjoyed a three month Indie Chart run peaking at the N°19 position. This line up of the band also recorded the debut " Personal Troubles & Public Issues " (which came out in December 1980 - in two different sleeves - and reached N°15 in the indie Chart) which also saw the arrival of guitarist Andy Forbes , formally a member of The Strapps.

Shortly after the album's release, however, Ward and Kelly departed leaving Rab, Heed and Andzy to continue as a three piece with Andzy assuming vocal duties. This line up of THE WALL was snapped up by Polydor Records and their debut for the major was the three track " Remembrance " EP which they promoted by doing a UK tour with STIFF LITTLE FINGERS. They also issued one final single for Fresh, " Hobby For A Day " before a second Polydor 45 " Epitaph " followed in November '81 and it also saw the first appearance of new bassist Claire Bidwell (ex-The Passions) which allowed Andzy to concentrate on the vocals. Their time with Polydor ended with early 1982's LP " Dirges & Anthems " (which came with a free 7" single) and which saw guitar duties split between Heed and Baz.

Rab and Andzy continued under The WALL name throughout 1982, their last release being the 10 track 12" EP " Day Tripper " for No Future (also issued as a four track 7") which reached N°21 in the UK Independant Chart. The 'band' folded not long after with Rab later turning up in the UK SUBS and playing on their " Huntingdon Beach " and " In Action " albums. He also set up RFB Records and released albums by the likes of CONDEMNED 84 , UK SUBS and BROKEN BONES.