Formed in Mesquite, Texas and fed on a steady diet of 60's garage bands, early Who, The Jam, and the Sex Pistols, the U.S. Mods left but one artifact of their existence, a 200-copy 45 sold at their high schools [North Mesquite and Samuell, respectively] and the better record shops at Town East Mall in the heady postpunk days of 1980.

Subsequent activity was limited to an appearance of a third song, "Reaction", on George Gimarc's 'Rock and Roll Alternative' on KZEW in 1981 [sort of the Dallas version of the John Peel BBC show in the late 70s /early 80s, and responsible for helping to fuel the punk/new wave scene in Dallas to some degree, back when The Edge was but a glimmer in someone's eye]. The drumming on 'Reaction' was by Tracye O'Neal , a female drummer at the time most local bands were most assuredly 'boys only' clubs.

An out-of-tune appearance in Garland at a benefit concert hosted by Ron Chapman, including the obligatory instrument smash-up at the end, drew a guarantee from the event promoter that " guys will NEVER play in Garland AGAIN!!!!" ......which was pretty much the case. But not because of him. Sadly, the group was too young to get into the local clubs like The Hot Klub and DJ's, much less play in them.

College, general group discord, and the usual crap made sure that they split to the four winds, but their lofty ambitions were realized somewhat by group member Pat McKanna, who went on to form one of the first Deep Ellum bands [The Trees, who swept the Dallas Observer Music Poll in 1987 with their ep "Locomotion vs. Hittin' The Brake" and song '"Rail Duty Blues'---along with their appearance on the Island records compilation "The Sound Of Deep Ellum"]. Pat was also at the forefront of Deep Ellum bands Medicine Show Caravan and Lockjaw before concentrating on solo work.

Adrian lives in Austin workin' for The University of Texas, Pat lives in Mesquite and still works on his music/songwriting, Tracye O'Neal lives in Garland [now confirmed!], Reagan Eskridge passed away, and Jimmy [writing this] lives in Mesquite [once again], is a corporate healthcare workerbee, and still has every song, burp, fight, and fart that the group ever recorded preserved on quietly deteriorating tape---some of which may be unearthed from time to time for your perusal.

Jimmy Holcomb