UHF is a Portuguese band formed in 1978 in Almada by António Manuel Ribeiro (vocals, guitar and keyboard), Renato Gomes (guitar), Carlos Peres (bass) and Zé Carvalho (drums).

They were the driving force behind the Portuguese rock boom of the early 1980s . At this time very few rock bands had success singing in Portuguese.

UHF already had released their first single, "Jorge morreu" ("George died"), which had as its theme the Portuguese Colonial War, when Rui Veloso, considered by many people as "the father of Portuguese rock", released his monumental first album Ar de rock ("Rocky looks", a pun on "Hard Rock", which is how it sounds in Portuguese). At this time they tour Portugal and support such Dr Feelgood, Elvis Costello etc..

After a second single, "Cavalos de corrida" ("Riding horses"), was released (N°1 One in Portugal), and in 1980 UHF was the support band of the Ramones Portuguese tour.

1981/1982 saw the band tour Europe - France, Germany... they released three very successful albums in Portugal: À flor da pele, Estou de passagem, and Persona non grata.