TELEGRAMA's story begins in 1980 in Badalona (Barcelona-SPAIN). The members are Berto Rodriguez voice and bass, Jose Belmonte guitar, Jordi Miro drums and Juan Antonio rhythm guitar, all 18 years old.

Began playing covers of Rolling Stones, Dr Feelgood, etc. and some own songs. They took influences from bands like The Jam, The Who, Vapors, etc...that incline their sound to power pop and the mod movement of Barcelona. Doing gigs in the few venues of Barcelona and area during year 1981, at that time their biggest concert was as support band at Ian Dury's concert in Barcelona the month of September.

They are considered one of the best band of Catalan New Wave. In 1982 their single 'Chica del metro' ('Underground Girl') was the start for the 'Flor y Nata' Records, pioneer in the Catalan independent scene. The single appears in March and quickly sold all the 1000 units pressed. In May they travel to Madrid to record a video-clip for the TV.

Same year 1982 the group leaves the scene to the military service, recording what will be its last work: a four demo tape produced really quickly and with little means, in which they show a more aggressive sound.

2005 see a CD release - "PowerPop" on 'Flor y Nata Records' (14 songs + mp3)

Juan Antonio 2004