TACONES from Madrid, Spain were formed by Carlos Maqueda (drums), Fernando Maqueda (bass and keyboards), Alberto Larios (rhythm guitar) and Ramiro Martinez Quintanilla (guitar solo), four young people fascinated by the look of swinging London.

Originaly called Taxi they changed their name late 1979 and became TACONES influenced by great British bands like The Kinks, The Searchers or The Beatles. Dressed in immaculate suits, shirts and ties, plus the famous Cuban-heeled boots, like the Pleasers in the England of the Sex Pistols.

In March 1980, TACONES published ther first single "Cronicas del Bromuro / Rita" (Chapa) for soundtrack of the movie of the same name.
Before long awaited LP, a second single "Difícil / Rita se Hizo de Oro" (Chapa, 1981) delivering a strong songs, and catchy melodies.

At the end of that year TACONES went to the multinational Sapphire and recorded their album "Final Requiem" (Sapphire, 1981). The album title was going to be a tribute to John Lennon (assassinated last year) , also published in the form of 12" single "Final Requiem / Locuras For Fans" (Serdisco , 1981), a limited edition for fans .

After released another and last single "You lied / Clin Clin (Sapphire, 1982) with little impact the band split in the fall of 1982, and sadly never reformed. Tacones were one of the best non-english powerpop band in Europe late 70s early 80s.