From Cascais, Portugal, the Street Kids had been one of the most promising band of the Portuguese Rock early 80s. Members was Nuno Canavarro, Nuno Rebelo, Emanuel Ramalho (Ex-Faíscas, former Body Diplomatist), Eduardo Sobral and Luís Happiness. Before forming the Street Kids, Nuno Rebelo, Ventura Luis and Eduardo had another called band Plastic.

They got a record deal with Vadeca Records and they release their first single, "Let Me Of the It"/"Spy". This record gets great radio success in Portugal at the time. (1980 were the year of the affirmation of the Rock sung in Portuguese, through the success of Rui Veloso and of the its "Air of Rock").

In 1981 they put out new single "Super Wen"/"Secondary Effects" royalties of single are donated to Portuguese Liga Against the Cancer. The Street Kids was one of the few Portuguese bands who didn't sing in Portuguese the language but they got many concerts in Portugal. In 1982 the band decides to sing in Portuguese on "Trauma" album. When left English to Portuguese they started to write lyrics with bigger social interventionism.

In 1983 they release a new record "So Far, So Long" 12" EP. The band decides to come back to English lyrics, but the band split soon after..