In Milwaukee(USA) around 1976 Scott Krueger and Jim Richardson was a short lived, but notorious stint with a one-shot punk group called The Police (no, not that Police). These guys played mostly Ramones and Sex Pistols covers. One memorable original was titled "Miss Vegamatic" and was enthusiastically shrieked by lead singer Johnny Noise while his buddy Danny Ipanna flailed away on lead guitar.

It was around this time that the so called "New Wave" sound was breaking. Krueger and Breck Burns formed a blistering three-piece band called The Orbits with drummer Bob Wrenn. Jim, meanwhile, co-founded a powerpop group called The Shivvers. The two groups would later morph into one, keeping The Shivvers name and would include Jim, Scott, Breck, guitarist Mike Pyle, and singer, songwriter, keyboardist Jill Kossoris. The Shivvers were a very popular band in the upper midwest, but broke up in ‘82 due to Kossoris’ health problems. After the bands demise, Jim and Mike Pyle moved to Boston to pursue other musical interests and Scott left for L.A. with a band called The Wigs. During his short tenure with this band, Scott would pen part of a soundtrack for a forgettable film called "My Chauffeur" which starred Howard Hesseman and Penn & Teller (!?); after which, he returned to Milwaukee and resumed working on original material with Burns. They recorded dozens of their songs on makeshift home studio equipment during the late 80’s. Jim returned from Boston to his home town of Sheboygan Falls, WI and periodically kept in touch with his old friends with much talk of getting together in some way. This temporarily came to pass in ‘89 when The Shivvers (less Mike Pyle) reunited for several songs in the recording studio. It was a sentimental yet frustrating experience marred by technical problems.

Soon after this recording session, Breck, who ironically was always the "health nut" of the bunch, developed Lymphoma - a form of cancer. For some reason, he tried valiantly to hide the seriousness of his condition from his friends. He would succumb in ‘93. Almost immediately after the funeral, Scott and Jim would begin working on Scott’s original songs at Jim’s house in Sheboygan Falls.