SHIT KIDS was Swedish punk band active from 1978 to 81. It all began in Wargentinskolan, Ostersund. Ärtan and Näsan thought it was time to start a punk band in town and the working name was "Bally Cocks Mofas and the Great Lake Hemoroids."

The SHIT KIDS' first gig was a local concert at 'G' , a theater. The next gig was at a school dance, barely happened at all. You see, the problem wasn't the usual lack of a proper PA, electricity, instruments or an overflow of beer, but the that one of the guards thought that Näsan smoked so terrible that he should be thrown out. After some negociations he was allowed to go on stage. Normally, at these kinds of occasions, about 20 of the closest friends would stand on the side to check out the band that plays in between the disco burps. This time there were 400 people, screaming, pogoing and making such a racket that the guards tried to break it all up several times. The day after, the local paper wrote that it was a 'good punk parody'...

What was really ironic was the fact that the band didn't have a permanent drummer at the time. They actually hired a dansband drummer by the name of Affe Byberg.
Another scandal was when the police started an investigation because there was at least 50 walls spray painted with the two words "Shit Kids" all across town. An angry correspondant demanded that the band should take care of the fans that did this.

After getting a proper rehearsal room the first EP was released in January 1979. it sold out in just a week! Infamous journalist Mats Olsson at the Expressen newspaper wrote: "SHIT KIDS, the band that refuses to sing on their own record", whatever he meant by that...

The song "Snutjävul" raised several complanits after being played on Swedish Radio P3 but it didn't stop the band from doing a live set on the show "Greppet", on the same station a few months later. Quite a few parties were held in the rehearsal room and the landlord wanted to evict the band. So, an eviction party was held and in the middle of everything he turns up to tell them that he had changed his mind.Need i say that he once again changed his mind... A new place to rehearse was just outside town and it was usually 10 below zero when the rehearsals started (and +30 after a while!).

SHIT KIDS managed to play in pretty much every little town in Jämtland during their existence, with a couple of detours to Stockholm, Uppsala, Sundsvall and Tranas. A new exchange gigs with PINK CHAMPAGNE took place. They also did several gigs as opening act Dag Vag, whose singer Stig Vig helped them to get the MNW distribution for the second EP.

One time, after a gig in Hammarstrand, Muppi was left behind. It was freezing outside, 30 below. He manged to find a place to stay, borrowed money for the bus and just made it on time to the next gig. It may have been the night when the stage collapsed.
By the fall of 1980 the band split up but several reunions has been made, the first one took place three years later. This time the local papers voted the gig the best in town 1983. They have since done reunions almost every year. Per Orvergard has published a novel: "Gabba Gabba" about a fictitious punk band in the 70s. stefan is one of the organizers behind the giant Sorsjöyran Festival.

Perra Henriksson