Jeffrey Hyman was born in New York City on the 19th May 1952 and was raised in Forest Hills. Like all American kids of the era he grew up during the British Invasion spearheaded by the Beatles and developped a love of sixties rock, especially the WHO. T ommy Erdelyi was a Beatles fan who was born in Budapest on 29th January 1952 but grew up in the Queens disctrict of NYC. John Cummings was a little older than the others having been born on October 8th 1951 whilst Douglas Colvin was born on 18th September 1952 in the heart of post war Berlin. Four young men who first came together in September 1966 when they all entered Forest Hills High and took to hanging around together sharing their mutual love of pop music.
The original line-up featured Dee Dee on vocals, Johnny on guitar and a certain individual named Ritchie Ramone on bass. At rehearsals, Ritchie could never keep the band say he ended up in a mental hospital. When he departed Dee Dee took up the bass. At this point Tommy was acting as their manager.The early set inclued covers of stuff like "Sheila"(Tommy Roe), the first song they wrote for themselves was "I don't wanna be loved" which started a Ramones trend of beginning their song titles whith I wanna.. or I don't wanna...

The first gig was at the Performance Studio on East 23rd Street on March 30th 1974 in front of about thirty people. In July 1974 Tommy took up the drums so Joey could concentrate on singing. With this new line-up they established their reputation through playing at Max's Kansas City and CBGBs. The Ramones first played CBGBs on the 16th and 17th August 1974 opening Blondie and by the end of the year they were rapidly becoming popular with the New York crowd. But events suddenly took a turn for the orst in December. Firstly Tommy was run over by a cab and then on New Years Eve Johnny was rushed to hospital with appendicitus. This led to a short enforced break although by February 1975 they were back in the circuit. Around this time they were spotted by Lisa Robinson (writer for Creem) and Danny Fields (editor of Sixteen). They began to spread the word.

In June 1975 the Ramones played their first big concert supporting Johnny Winter at the Palace Theatre in Waterbury. The gig was partly an audition for Rick Derringer and Blue Sky Rds but Derringer obviously sided with the audience and the band were not signed. They did however secure a management deal in November when they hooked up with Danny fields. In January 1976 they were signed to Seymour Stein's Sire label. In february they started recording the debut LP with Craig Leon doing the producing. Legnd has it that they cut the first seven tracks in under three hours. In fact the whole album was wrapped up in less than two weeks and with only a $6.400 budget. But what an album! Buzzsaw guitar and Joey's affected vocals singing moronic lyrics. Although not officially released in the UK until July, the album started to appear as early as April thanks to the sterling efforts of Bizarre. Bizarre used to import material by various American rock bands such as Iggy Pop or Television. The Ramones album made a significant impact. The scene was set for the Ramones.

There was not long to wait. Simultaneously with the official UK release of the album and a debut single "Blitzkrieg bop" the Ramones arrived in London to play a double header with the FLAMIN GROOVIES. It took place at London's Roundhouse on the 4th July 1976. It's one of those gigs where ten times as many people claim to have been, than could possibly have been there. Whatever, it certainly affected the lives of a lot of young people. Although bands like the SEX PISTOLS were already starting to make a noise around the capital, their influences were bands such as the NEW YORK DOLLS and Lou Reed. By comparison with the Ramones these bands were old hat, but now the London scene had a current American band to follow. The fuse was burning fast. The explosion was imminent. By the end of the year it had happened. The Pistols debut single "Anarchy in the UK" had been released. Punk Rock had arrived.

A second US single "I wanna be your boyfriend" had been released in October but the UK had to wait until February 1977 for the Ramones to put out their next single "I remember you". It was followed in April by the bands new album "The Ramones Leave Home". The album continued the three chord thrash of the debut. It was followed in May by bands first UK tour (supported by the Talking Heads), and a new single entitled "Sheena is a punk rocker"(N° 22 in UK charts). In June the LP was re-issued with the track "Carbona not glue" having been replaced by the less controversial "Babysitter".

The band remained busy touring in the US including making their Winterland, San Francisco debut on July 30th. Unfortunately a number of gigs had to be cancelled when Joey received second degree burns to his head after an accident onstage in New York. A UK tour was also disrupted.

However they did arrive in the UK for a short tour supported by the REZILLOS. "Rocket to Russia" appeared here that same month and fetured a very similiar shot of the band to the one that featured on the front of the first LP. "Rocket to Russia" brought the Ramones to the aers of the legendary Phil Spector. At once he wanted to work with the band. He invited them to his Californian house but at first the band were reluctant. Spector would eventually get his wish.

On the 4th of May 1978 after performance at CBGBs Tommy left the band because he was tired of touring and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. His replacement was Marc Bell most recently of Richard Hell's Void Oids. Before that he had been in a band called DUST. Mark was installed in time for the new album "Road to Ruin" which was released September 1978. The sleeve was originally designed by Gus Moorhead but had to be redone by John Holmstrom of the US Punk magazine because of the line-up change. The production was still handled by Tommy but this time the bands engineer Ed Stasium replaced Bongiovi as co-producer.

With Punk and New Wave music now firmly established in the UK the Ramones chose to use material recorded at the Rainbow in London for their next LP release. "It's Alive" was released in April 1979 and was a double live album featuring all their best known numbers performed at the usual breakneck speed. They were a great live band. Part of the reason that "It's Alive" was put out in place of a new studio LP was that the band were busy making their first feature film "Rock and Roll High School" was being made by the king of B-Movies, Roger CORMAN. The film was a perfect vehicle for the Ramones. Briefly it was about an American High school student, Riff Randell, who was madly in love with the Ramones. When they cme to play in the town she made great efforts to get tickets to see them. Her teachers tried to stop anyone going but of course were unable to stop them. The whole movie finished with Riff leading the rest of the school in a wild rebellion. Premiered in L.A. on the 25th April 1979, it contained some marvellous scenes, notably when the band turn up in Riff's bedroom(in a dream sequence) and play especially for her. The Ramones also performed with the PALEY BROTHERS, an American act associted with the Power Pop.

With Phil Spector still badgering the band they eventually allowed him to remix the "Rock'n'roll high school" tirle track as a single. Presumably happy enough with his work the band decided to use Spector for their next studio LP. Joey even started to get private singing tuition from Spector during the recording of "End of the century". They worked in no less than five studios, the end result was the Ramones most commercial LP yet. "Baby I Love You
" was released as a single in January 1980, the same month the album came out. N° 10 in UK charts.
The song "Danny says" was a kind of tribute to their manager Danny Fields who had recently split from the band on amicable terms. Fields replacement was Talking Head's manager Gary Kurfirst.
The opening track on "End of century", "Do you remember Rock'n'Roll radio" was pulled off as the second single in April.

1980 was also a watershed year for Dee Dee who finally managed to come to terms with a heroin problem that had been dogging him for some considerable time. He placed himself on the Odyssey House programme and managed to clean his act up. Health problems continued to beset the Ramones however when Joey lost his voice during an American gig which led to several shows in a short UK tour starting August, to be cancelled.

By now, the impact of Punk was wearing thin and several of the key bands were no more. The Ramones though, had no plans on giving in and returned in July 1981 with a new album produced by Graham Gouldman. "Pleasant dreams" actually received better press than was expected by many. It was a bit of a mish mash falling between vintage Ramones and the new sophistication of "Century" but it was undeniably the same band.

Still, there was no need to feel too forlorm for the Ramones. On September 3rd-5th 1981 they played at the US Festival in San Bernardino, California in front of half a million people. There was no repetition of the bottle throwing that greeted their first major show. Even if the average rock fan wouldn't wax lyrical about the Ramones, they were no longer dismissed as three chord thrash imbeciles.

Aside from touring the next two years were fairly quiet for the band but in April 1983, a new album suddenly appeared on the horizon. It was co-produced by Ritchie Cordell, who was best known for his work with the bubble-gum bands that Dee Dee loved so much. Glen Kolotkin also assisted on the production of "Subterreanean Jungle" and between them they managed to capture the Ramones in an almost soulful mood. The most controversial track on this Lp was the relatively harmless "Psycho therapy". The video was widely banned but even this didn't earn the band more than a little much needed promotion.

No sooner had "Subterreanean Jungle" been released then the band suffered their first line-up change in five years. Once more it was the drumming stool that was vacated as Marky left the band. Hits replacement was Richard Beau who became the second Ramone to take the forname RITCHIE.
In August the band suffered yet another health scare when Joey was involved in a fight with another musicain called Seth Macklin. The row was merely about a girlfriend but it left Joey undergoing emergency brain surgery. He didn't acually need a lobomtomy but for a while there was great cause for concern.

All this kept the band relatively quiet for a spell but they returned in style in January 1985 with the release of "Too tough to die". Now signed by Beggars Banquet in the UK, "Too tough.." was their strongest LP for several years. Featuring guest appearances from Jerry Harrison and Benmont Tench it also saw the return of Tommy Erdelyi and Ed Stasium at the controls. it's best songs inclued "War Hog" and "Durango 95"(about the car from "Clockwork Orange")

The Ramones still maintained a large following in the UK and their fans were rewarded by a concert at the Milton Keynes Bowl on the 22nd of June. Although not top of the bill- U2 were also appearing- the Ramones went down extremely well; They also made a huge impact in the music press because if the release of "Bonzo Goes To Bitburg" as a single. The song was a scathing attack on Ronald REAGAN's much publicised visit tothe Nazi war graves. For just a moment it seemed as if the Ramones were entering a new phase. The track won Single Of The year Award at the New York Annual Music Awards.....

By then Richie departed and Marky came back to drums. Brain Drain released 1989 and Pet Sematary had title track for Stephen King Film. Dee Dee leaves group to become rap performer Dee Dee King. His replacement had young Christopher Ward. Ramones is his first big band.

Sire released All The Stuff (And More) Vol.1 which compilated albums Ramones and Leave Home with 2 demo tracks and 1 other. These 3 tracks are previously unreleased tracks. All The Stuff (And More) Vol.2 compilated Rocket To Russia and Road To Ruin with 3 previously unreleased track. Loco Live is second live album from Ramones. It was recorded in Barcelona. 1992 released Mondo Bizarro contain Doors-cover Take It As It Comes. Ramones appears too in cartoon-program The Simpsons. They done more cover tracks and finally the whole albun Acid Eaters. Pete Townshend, Sebastian Bach and Traci Lords appears in this album. Album named Adios Amigos came out in summer 1995. That album was really strong performance from the Ramones and last studio album. Year 1996 was very busy and they got much famous and they released Greatest Hits Live, which featured too studio tracks R.A.M.O.N.E.S and Any Way You Want It.

Last gig was in Los Angeles, The Palace, 6.8.96. Later now Marky has new bands called Marky Ramone And Intruders and Marky Ramone Group , CJ had Los Gusanos (split-up 2000), then CJ started Warm Jets and it became soon Bad Chopper. Also guys played on Remains/Ramainz. At first line-up was Dee Dee Ramone, CJ Ramone, Marky Ramone and Dee Dee's new wife Barbara Zambini. Dee Dee released many solo albums and also Joey planned to release album, but then he passed away and ...

It happened April 15th, 2001. Joey Ramone passed away afternoon 2.40PM in a hospital in New York City where he was many weeks being treated for cancer. Arturo Vega wrote to me that Joey's loving family was there at his bedside. On his last moments Joey listened U2-song: In A Little While.

The Ramones were later hailed as ‘The Beatles of punk rock' for defining punk before punk took off. Ramones is in Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. 2002 was for Ramones first year of eligibility. The 17th annual Rock And Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony was held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City on March 18, 2002. Dee Dee was really lovely in a ceremony... Then did happen the most bad Shock Treatment what we can get... Dee Dee died at his home in Los Angeles on June 5, 2002... Barbara found Dee Dee at 8:25 pm on their living room couch and she called 911... Fire department paramedics pronounced Dee Dee dead at 8:40 pm. It was accidental drug overdose...

Ramones had their 30th Anniversary Show in Los Angeles on September 12, 2005. Johnny was main man behind on it. But Johnny wasn't in that show, (only 3 days later) Johnny Ramone passed away at 3:03PM on September 15, 2004 in his home in Los Angeles, USA.... Johnny had prostate cancer for five years. According to his publicist, at the time of his death, Ramone was surrounded by friends and family that included his wife Linda Cummings, Eddie and Jill McCormack, Rob and Sherrie Zombie, John Frusciante and Robert Carmine.