Originally a quintet known as the Young Republicans until their discovery by ex-Runaways manager Kim Fowley, the Quick were one of the poppier bands on the Los Angeles punk/new wave scene. Their lineup included guitarist/songwriter Steve Hufsteter, vocalist Danny Wilde, drummer Danny Benair, keyboardist Billy Bizeau, and bassist Ian Ainsworth. They gathered a following among critics for their progressive, yet still classic power pop sound, as well as audiences amused at their good-natured habit of inviting spectators on stage to be made fun of. 1976's Mondo Deco made them one of the first L.A. D.I.Y. bands to record for a major label (Mercury), but it proved to be the only such release. The EP Alpha/Beta, recorded in an unsuccessful bid to score a new deal with Elektra, was released through their fan club in 1978, and the band soon called it quits. Benair quickly joined the Weirdos and later played with Three O'Clock; Wilde joined Great Buildings and later found success as one-half of the Rembrandts; and Hufsteter was a member of the Cruzados on their first album.