Formed in 1974 as Slik, featuring James "Midge" Ure (guitar, vocals) Billy McIsaac (keyboard, vocals) Kenny Hyslop (drums, vocals) who'd later play with the Simple Minds briefly as well as the Zones... 1977 saw the band changed their name to PVC2, recorded only one single called "Put You In The Picture" b/w "Deranged, demented and free" which the group released through Glaswegian Independent label Zoom Records (who'd also take on a predecessor of the Simple Minds) and which sold a respectable 12,000 copies. The songs were initially recorded live on a two track deck together with some other live tracks "and put down on a borrowed Revox in an empty pub", which cost the band about 3 pounds. The sleeve has been equally cheaply done as the band simply buy "some cardboard and scalpels" and off they go.

Later the band split up and Midge Ure joined the Rich Kids, a different version of "Put You In The Picture" appears on the Rich Kids's debut album "Ghosts of Princes in Towers."