Kip Kuba, Rich Rollo, Craig Rory and Bobby Ryan were together in a Power Pop/Punk unit called the Traitors. This was a very powerful and fast paced Rock band who did record several demos in Brooklyn, New York.
The band began to evolve and Craig and Bobby were replaced by Errol Bullet on guitar and Joey Reece on drums. This band was called the Pleasers did a little recording and then once again made some changes.
Chris replaced Errol and Joey left to join the Plasmatics.
With Peter Micheals and Chris on board the group changed the name to Pleazer and recorded with Bernard Fox at his Manhatten Studio.
Bobby Ryan, Allan Vella and Rich Rollo later had a version of the Traitors based in Queens New York. The demos for all of these bands are part of my personal library and available for any interested parties.
Rich Rollo guitar/vocals , 2005
Pleaser was a band that i played drumms for with bass guitarist Kip Kuba and the other guys listed in the band all from Brooklyn NYC around 1978 / 1980 period. We were all playing as much as we could at CBGB, Maxs and various rock clubs during the new wave movement of the times in NYC. I knew Kip Kuba from a band i was playing drumms with and he asked me if i wanted to learn some songs and record a demo. I recorded the demo and played one live gig with their band so i was wondering if thats the ep they released or maybe re recorded it again with the other drummer whom i do not know of ? Anyway these days i still play drumms on and off with VON LMO (no wave music). I recorded three indie cds with their band . As to date ive not seen any of the Pleaser band mates for over twenty some years and was told by the original singer that now works as a door man at a NYC nightclub that Kip Kuba won a NY lottery and is set for life and still lives in Brooklyn NY, USA.
Bobby Ryan, drummer, 2004