The Outnumbered began in 1982 in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, home of the University of Illinois. They put out a self-released single in 1983 and recorded three LPs: Why Are All The Good People Going Crazy (Homestead Records, 1985), Holding The Grenade Too Long (Homestead Records, 1986), and Work...Buy...Die (Edible Records, 1988). the band disbanded in 1987; the last album came out after they'd broken up. the Outnumbered were also on several compilation albums, most notably Bomp Records' Battle Of The Garages Volume 2 in 1984.

The band was founded by singer/guitarist Jon Ginoli and singer/bassist Paul Budin, quickly joined by drummer Ken Golub and guitarist Paul Doppelt. Tim McKeage replaced Doppelt (who played on the single) after a year, and Ken left after the first album; after going through a couple of drummers, Jonno Peltz joined up for the band's final two years and third album.

After the band broke up, Paul and Tim played in the alt-country band The Last Straw. Jon moved to California, where he formed the much better known Pansy Division in San Francisco in 1991. Due in part to Pansy Division's success, Champaign-Urbana label Parasol Records released a compilation CD, Surveying the Damage, in 1998.

Jon lives in San Francisco and still plays in Pansy Division. Tim is still in C-U; Paul and Ken live in the Chicago area, and Jonno lives in Portland, Oregon.