The Onlys were formed by guitarist and singer Andrew Roth in Los Angeles in the spring of 1978. Bassist Peter Marston was the first to be recruited and he Roth played for a few months as the Droogs. Discovering there was a more successful band using the same name, the duo adopted the Onlys name and recruited piano player Bill Feuer in fall 1978. Drummer Emil Stutz joined the group during the recording of the band's sole release, an EP titled "Serves Six," in early 1979.

This EP was produced by George Sanger, later of interactive video music fame.

In 1980, an unreleased album ("Glued to a Red Moose") was recorded for Zip Records, but shelved when the label folded. Roth moved to New York City shortly after that and the Onlys played their final show in spring 1980