Once upon a time, the Manchester pre-punk scene was home to a group called Wild Ram. Come the punk explosion, the band changed their name to The Nosebleeds and at that particular point in time you'd find Ed Banger (aka Eddie Fiction - vocals), Vincent Riley (aka Vincent Reilly - guitar), Pete Crookes (bass) and Phillip "Toby" Tolman (drums) in the line up.

Early on, the group was also billed as Ed Banger & The Nose bleeds. the band was know to use an old ambulance to haul their gear around from gig to gig. With Ed Banger sounding somewhat like headbanger, the media often referred to the the band as "Headbanger And The Nosebleeds".

Snapped up by local Rabid Records, run by Tosh Ryan, as that label's 2nd only signing, The Nosebleeds released a bit of an anthem of the times in the wordings of "Ain't Bin To No Music School". Backed by "Fascist Pigs", this 7" single was recorded at Countdown Studios and released in July of '77. Funny thing was that Riley in fact had attented a music school. Maybe that's why the single's cover has all four band members sitting in a music school?

You'll also be able to stumble across "Ain"t Bin To No Music School" on the "Streets" album that Beggars Banquet put out. This song starts with a, later to become somewhat of a cliche, symphony orchestra snippet (Beethoven) before the band cranks it up and drowns out the orchestra. Music school or not, there's a pretty clear guitar solo before the choruus at one point during the song. Actually, judging from the band members' later achievements, it appears that The Nosebleeds in fact served as a music school in itself.

In early '78, Ed Banger left the band to pursue a solo career and he too released a single on Rabid Records. He also played in Group Therapy, and later joined Slaughter & The Dogs after Wayne Barett left. Banger then went solo again.

A short-lived 2nd line-up of The Nosebleeds in '78 inclued Steven Morrissey (vocals), Billy Duffy (guitar), Pete Crookes (bass) and Phillip Tolman (drums). Rick Sarko was alsi briefly bassing in The nosebleeds before joining The Freshies. Morrissey joined Slaughter & The Dogs for a short while before forming The Smiths and then taking the solo route to even greater fame and fortune. Billy Duffy, who was also in both Slaughter & The Dogs and their Studio Sweethearts offshot , wentto play with first Theatre Of Hate, then Death Cult (soon to become The Cult). duffy also worked with Andy Blade (Eater). vinny Reilly formed Durutti Colum in 1978. He also played in Pauline Murray & The Invisible Girls. Phillip "Toby" Tolman later played drums in Ludus.

Biography by Henrick B. Poulsen