The NEW HEARTS from Essex, called their own music "Pop punk" and lined up with Ian Page (aka Ian Paine - vocals), Dave Cairns (ex-Splitz Kids - guitar), John Harty (ex-Splitz Kids - bass) and Jamie Crompton (drums). Mid-77 Jamie Crompton left the New Hearts. The band soon had a new drummer in the shape of Matt McIntyre (ex-Gorillas). According to the band themselves, their average age was 17 and a half years in October 1977.

"Just Another Teenage Anthem" b/w "Blood On The Knife" is the pair of tracks that NEW HEARTS released towards the end of the year 1977. You'll find them on a 7" platter, produced by Kenny Laguna, on big bad CBS Records.

In 1977 live review, Sounds Magazine were brewing over with superlatives for the New Hearts: "The sound is full-blooked, snappy and fast". On their 1977 single, however, the New Hearts come across like a gang of bland and tame new wave modsters not entirely rid of their teeny bop fascination. Based on this record alone, NME was far closer to the truth calling the New Hearts "Boring young farts"(!).

Towards the end of '77, the band along with The JOLT supported, no surprise, The JAM on that group's nationwilde tour. They released the "Jain Plane"/ "My Young Teacher" 7" in June '78 on CBS Records. With this failing as well, the band broke up.

Jamie Crompton later turned up in the Radio Stars (drums) as well as Wishbone Ash (guitar). Today Crompton is a CEO for Fender Guitars.
Ian Page and Dave Cairns headed for Secret Affair. Dave Cairns also tried his luck in the Warm Jets...

Biography by Henrick B. Poulsen