Lukas Scherfig - guitar & vocal - August 2005


ModPopPunk Archives: Lukas please could you introduce the band? When the band form etc... How long have you been in bands?
Lukas SCHERFIG: The Bass player is “Lars Schædler” And the Drummer is “Søren Spanow” and Guitar / vocal is “Lukas Scherfig” . I started the band in the year 2000 in Copenhagen Denmark. We have all played in different bands, I played in a band called “The Roosters” and after that I was in London playing with some bands but I went home to start my own band. We have a completely new drummer now “Søren” he has only been with us for two month. I bought my first elecktric guitar when I was 10.

MPP A: What were the band's influence? What bands and individuals do you respect and why?
LS: Of cause the band is influenced by The Jam and The Who, The Clash etc.
But also Motown. I see Motown as the highest form of music! The same way as I see communism as the higest level of policical intelligence. Our goal is to combine the
melodies of Motown, with the energy of punk, and the message of Revolution. I like Paul Weller, and Joe Strummer. But when it comes to Individuals I'm also into a lot of political people, like Karl Marx, and Lenin and Castro etc.

MPP A: What happened after the first album was released? Did you play a lot more?
Yea we played a lot, all the small clubs round Germany, and we went on
support tours with “Terrorgruppe” Round Europe, and we did the Deconstruction Tour, with Pennywise, Anti-Flag, Beatsteaks, Slackers, where we came to: France, Italy, Holland, London, Etc. a lot of good things happened. The First album made a good ground work for us. Now it's the “Revolutionary Sympathies” album, we are playing festivals at the moment, and we have just been on a 3 weeks tour with the Slackers(US) round Europe, and in October we have our own tour, with 30 shows around Europe.

MPP A: Who write lyrics? What message do the MOVEMENT want to convey?? Do you believe in the validity of musical movements?
I'm writing the lyrics. About the message: We are the Movement because you can move to the music, and we also play for political good things. I think it's important that the left wing get some cool music and cool style, that can reach out of the whole 68 hippie thing. We want to get in contact with ordinary working class kids, who of cause is anti-fascist, but can't show it cause they don't identify with the sub-culture that normally have those views.

MPP A: What are the day jobs of the band members ?
We are only playing, cause there's no time to work.

MPP A: Strangely to refer Danish and Swedish people (something like 15 millions) lot of bands from this area are famous around the world, do you know why?
Don't see so many Danish bands, but you are right about the Swedish bands.
I guess the Swedish state support the music very much, in every small town there's rehearsing rooms, and you can get a lot of support. I think Sweden is one of the most music exporting countries in the world. They mix social politicks with cultural politicks.
I mean it's better to give the kids a guitar and rehearsing rooms, than letting them run board around in the streets.

MPP A: What kinds of books and movies are you into?
The movies I like are most social realism, like Ken loach and Mike Leach
etc. Books its mostly political stuff, everything from Stalin to Bertolt Brecht. But I also like American stuff like Charles Bukowski, and John Steinbeck, and the last book I read was the new Bob Dylan book.

MPP A: What records on your turnable today? Your favourite in 2005?
I don't buy so much music at the moment, I liked the Anti-Flag album “the terror state” but I guess it's from 2004, also the Hives?

MPP A: What has been the most embarassing moment about the band?
On the last tour we played a show where I fell because there was so much water on the stage. I hate when I do that, it's embarrassing. Otherwise I don't know.

MPP A: Few weeks ago came out your killer second album "Revoltionary Sympathies", how did the album do? Is it distributed anywhere in Europe? Do you have any vinyl coming out?
It's going good, and it is on vinyl! We have all ready sold over 1500 vinyl's, so now it's getting repressed. It should be distributed in the whole Europe. The Cd is going very good also, the distributors has ordered the album 2end time, and Destiny is very happy, and says that they get a lot of responds. We can feel the venues are getting bigger, and people can all ready sing along to the new songs, witch is great!
We have moved a step up, the “MOVE” album has made the ground work, and now
we're reaching a bigger audience.

MPP A: Are you hoping for a major in futur? What does the future hold for the MOVEMENT?
Our future plans is, first our Europe fall tour, after that in November I think, we will try to rehearse some new songs for a New Album. But yes I think we have a major future, the Move album is now getting released in Japan, and a bigger label also in Japan wants to buy the license to “Revolutionary Sympathies” and make tours for us etc. There's a label in USA that wants to release “Revolutionary Sympathies” and they wants to bring us over for some shows, maybe a small tour like 10 shows, with the Slackers to begin with. I guess in the future we can start to tour the whole world, and not just Europe. I think with a 3th album and a lot of touring, people will really start to
know that there's a band called The Movement.

MPP A: Anything to ad?
We hope you like the band and see at the local venue!

The Movement Fall Tour 2005
29.09.D / Hertogenbosch / W2 - concertzaal
30.09.D / Bielefeld / AJZ
01.10.D / Darmstadt / Goldene Krone
02.10.D / Freiburg / Walfisch
03.10.A/  Dornbirn - Cafe Schlachthaus
04.10.A/ Linz - tba
05.10.A/ Wien - Arena
06.10.A/ Graz – Arcadium
15.10.F / Lyon / tba
17.10.D / Stuttgart / tba
18.10.D / Nürnberg / Zentralcafe im K4
22.10.D / Leipzig / Moritzbastei
The tour dates will be updated all the time here:

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