Inspired by American bands such as the Ramones and the New York Dolls and Glam Rock acts like Slade and Sweet , THE LURKERS formed in Uxbridge, West London in mid 1976. Comprising Arturo Bassick, Howard Wall, Pete Stride and Manic Esso, they were heralded as the British answer to the RAMONES. and quickly forged their own identity with catchy pop tunes and lyrics encompassing subjects such as girls , social unacceptability and personal politics . The band built up a huge loyal following around the punk heyday of 1977 and signed to Beggar's Banquet where they scored five top forty hits between 1977 and 1979 . Bassick had departed quickly and was replaced first by Kim Bradshaw(ex-SAINTS) then, more permanently, Nigel Moore. They also appeared on Top of the Pops and many other television shows and became regulars on the popular Radio One John Peel Show .

Their simple, yet effective style was instantly accessible and exuded warmth as well as energy. They never received the recognition their talents deserved, however, because of a lack of image and media support.

Due to changing musical tastes within the band and Beggar's Banquet concentrating on their new signing Gary Numan , The Lurkers decided to call it a day in 1980 but two years later a sudden resurgence of interest in the band inspired them to get back together to record for origional manager Mike Stone's Clay label , home of emerging hardcore punks Discharge and GBH . In 1984, new singer Mark Fincham ran off to work the drag clubs of Berlin and the band once again folded.

Origional bassist Arturo Bassick got the whole thing going again in 1987 after a chance meeting with the huge German Punk band Die Toten Hosen, all of whom were massive Lurkers fans. Die Toten Hosen financed the comeback album, 'Wild Times Again', which launched The Lurkers' career once more and they have continued ever since, with one linup or another.

Well what happened to the original line up? Well none of them are interested in doing the band anymore and you can't hold a gun to their heads. Pete Stride has totally given up gigging, and didn't like touring anyway. Esso is working in mental health and hasn't played in years, Howard Wall hasn't sung for any band since 1982...