Formed in 1977, in Buffalo, The Jumpers members are: Terry Sullivan - Vocals Scott Michaels - Guitar Bob Kozak - Guitar (Played on the first EP - left the band when they moved from Buffalo NY to New York City) Craig Meylan - Bass Roger Nicol - Drums.

There are several Jumpers songs available on a still in print on a CD titled "THIS IS IT - greater buffalo's greatest 1977 - 1984" through the following site There is a second CD that contains live music from a multi band reunion show. Jumpers songs on the CD include You'll Know Better, South of the City and This Is It. The Jumpers periodically put on a reunion show (every year or 2 or 3) and 1 was recorded for a future live CD release. It's in the works. Tthe lead singer, Terry Sullivan, has a website