We started playing in March of 1978 as The Jags. It was the classic story of hearing the New York and English bands of 1977 and being inspired to play music again. We played local clubs opening for a lot of the bands (X, Mumps, Cramps, Suicide, etc.) that passed through Philadelphia.

A year later, when we heard a single by an English band also called The Jags, we decided on the name The Impossible Years (after the 1968 teen movie). By 1980, we had a new bass player and the band was: Todd Shuster on vocals and guitar (me), Howard Luberski on bass and Seth Schweitzer on drums. We self-released a single "She's No Fun / Baby Baby" and, within a few years, we were included on two compilation records: I'd Rather Be In Philadelphia (Flower Girl) and Bomp Records, Battle Of The Garages V II. (Attraction Gear).

When Attraction Gear got a great review in Sounds, we were contacted by Dan Treacy of Television Personalities. He told us that he was starting a new label called Dreamworld Records and he wished for us to be his first release. Scenes We'd Like To See (Dreamworld 001) was a four-song E.P. that was released in 1983 and featured, in addition to Flower Girl and Attraction Gear, Her Father Suspects and 9:45. We continued to play until 1988, at which time, I began recording songs
on my four-track. In 1997, I released 20 of those demos as a CD entitled: My Report Card, a theme that pokes fun at my current status as a teacher.
Todd Shuster - 2005