In 1976 William Broad(Billy Idol) and Tony James meet in a pub in Soho-London, Broad is one of the Bromley Contingent a group of fashion concious people who follow the SEX PISTOLS, he has taken to using the name Billy Idol, a clue to his rock star pretentions, Jame's on the other hand has been trying to get his band off the group the LONDON SS, the name is purely for shock value. A virtual who's who of the London punk/new wave scene have passed through the auditions Rat Scabies(Damned) and Mick Jones(Clash) being just two. Thinking they look good together they join a band being formed by a friend Gene October who is the lead singer, the band is called CHELSEA, Idol is on guitar and James is on bass.

The forth member is John Towe on drums, after they rehearse for a while and play a few gigs they leave the band and take Towe with them and form their own band which called GENERATION X after a sixties paperback book about mods and rockers. Idol is now the lead vocalist with a rythm section of James and Towe and a young guitarist called Bob Andrews(Derwood). They play the opening night of the London punk club The Roxy the first band to do so on 18/12/76. They attract record company interest due to word of mouth and the large crowds coming to the live shows.

They decide to sack Towe and replace him with Mark Laff (ex-Subway Sect) who wants to be punks answer to Keith Moon. The band youthful good looks gets coverage in teenybopper girls magazines, the sugar to the Sex Pistols poison this doesn't help their punk credability at all. They get a deal with Crysalis Records and release their first single "Your generation" (09/77) a fast and pacy pop/punk rant and it makes the charts, they appear on Top Of The pops they are one of the first punk bands to invade the nations home's through the TV much to the delight of kids everywhere. Their next singles are "Wild Youth" (11/77) and "Ready Steady Go" (02/78), they also charts as does their debut LP simply titled "Generation X" (03/78) it's a fantastic document of the era and one of punks finest LP's.

Mott The Hoople's frontman Ian Hunter took to desk for their next LP "Valley Of The Dolls" ((02/79), James was a big fan of Mott. The LP failed to live up to exspectations but produced two more hits "King rocker" and the title track "Valley Of The Dolls", they appear again on Top Of the pops and are looking more glamourous than ever Idols quiff is getting bigger and blonder. A third single from the LP is released "Fridays Angels" (06/79) and is their worst seller to date though they tour and are playing larger venues than ever. They contact Bill Aucoin who manage yank glam etallers Kiss with a proposal to manage the band, a club tour is organised to get some money together.

Derwwod leaves the band followed shortly by Mark Laff who is sacked as Idol and James feel its time for a change as they were becoming too heavy metal. Terry Chimes(ex-Clash) come's in on drums to help them record the next LP along with a selection of punk/new wave finest guitarists Steve Jones(Sex Pistols), John Mcgeoch(Banshees), Danny Kustow(TRB), Stve New(Rich Kids) and James Stevenson(ex-Chelsea) who would join full time. "Dancing With Myself" is released (09/80) and given a thumbs up from all quarters it reaches the lower end of the charts then stalls, disapointed they go back on the road to promote the new LP "Kiss Me deadly" (81). Due the lack of sucess the band call it a day.

Generation X were a fantastic band, very underratted they made some cracking records but like a few other good punk/ new wave bands i could name they never got the recognition they deserved.

Billy Idol went to USA and became the rock star he always wanted to be. Tony James formed Sigue Sigue Sputnik, the glam sci fi rockers had a few hits and is still going strong. Bob andrews formed Westworld and had a couple of hits. Mark Laff formed Twenty Flight Rockers who were a great live band.