The FIRST STEPS came from Worlington,Suffolk (a village near Mildenhall) where, in the days before Playstation and Premiership Football, the guitar was king.. 

In 1979 "The Beat Is Back" was put together by Jon thornalley (who managed and promoted the group) on English Rose their own label. The title of 'The Beat is Back' was a collective decision and the sleeves were printed before the song was written... an unusual approach!
The b side 'Let's Go Cuboids' was recorded in a front room of a bungalow in Lakenheath,Suffolk by local enthusiast Tom 'Fat Boy' Wilson. 

Although the First Steps never played live in a previous 'punkier' incantation (The Resistors) they managed two gigs.One in 1977 and a reform in 1990. 

At the release there was interest in 'The Beat is Back' from BBC Radio One with plays by John Peel. The follow up 'Anywhere Else But Here' floundered and finished off the band's lust for glory. 

The writers - Phil Thornalley and Chris Murrell went on to write unsuccesful songs for the succesful 80's pop group 'Johnny Hates Jazz' (the Johnny being the afore-mentioned Jon Thornalley).

Todd / August 2007