Fast Cars were formed in 1977 by myself and brother Steven. We had been in a band together at school in Swinton, Manchester, (1974-76) but Steve was interested in forming a punk band the rest of us were more into rock, Deep Purple, Led Zep, Black Sabbath, Bowie he went off, put an add in a music shop, and formed a band called The Sirens.

They were not very good (although they later became The Fall and guitarist Mark 'Lard' Riley is now a DJ on Radio 1), so me and Steve got our old school mates together and formed Fast Cars. Our school guitarist was Craig Hilton but he was doing something else, so our original line up was ;Steve Murray vocals (and main songwriter) Hyden Jones on lead, Me on Bass and Tony Dyson on drums. After about 6 months Hyden left and Craig Hilton re joined us and that is who played on the single "The Kids Just Wanna Dance".

We had 2 songs put on "A Manchester Collection" LP Orbit Records. Our first single "Images of you" should have been released on TJM Records but we fell out with the owner, Tony Davidson so it never got released but I still have the demo.

We played up and down England between 1977 and 1980 and had quite a good following. We supported The Jam, The Buzcocks, XTC, The Rezzillos, The Chords and others, played at the Marquee in London and various Universities and Colleges (I can't remember them all now).



A Manchester Collection (Object Music OBJ003) UK1979 A compilation album of the bands playing in the 'Manchester Musicians Collective' during 1979 at the Band on the Wall Club which still existstoday. 2 tracks featured Why, and What Can I Do? {amount of copies not known}

The Kids Just Wanna Dance/You're So Funny (Streets Ahead Records SA3) UK 1979 Our only single 2000 copies issued.

Back to Front vol 4 (Incognito Records INC. 059) Germany 1994. A compilation album 1000 vinyl LPs and 1000 CD's issued. 1 track featured The Kids Just Wanna Dance

Killed by Death #20 ( KBD18) EUR 1998 A compilation album 700 pressed on black vinyl with plain white labels. 1 track featured What can I do?

100% British Mod (Detour Records MODSKA DCD8) UK 1998. A compilation album 1 track featured {Still available} The Kids Just Wanna Dance