The Explosives burst onto the crash 'n' burn punk/new Wave scene in 1979 like three kernels of corn on a hot skillet. Tough they hailed from Austin, Texas and were dolled up in string-ties, brass-tipped shirt collars and neckerchiefs on the color cover of their 1982 LP "Restless Natives", it would have taken a doctor of forensic science to determine their base of operations based on just the recorded evidence they left behind at the scene of the crime.

Written and sung by drummer Freddie Steady, the band's non-stop mover, shaker and chief bottlewasher, "A Girl Like You" is flush with that chiming Nick Lowe / Rockpile British pub-rock buzz and goesdown like a pint of bitter and a packet of crips. Whiz-kid guitarist Cam King's "Stuck In The ball Turret" sounds like the velvet Underground wet dream of Jonathan Richman after he'd washed down a dozen triple-expressos. and Freddie's "I'm An Explosive" changes gears from 'Rocket To Russia' - era Ramones power-chording to a Steve Jones/Sex Pistols meltdown faster than Carrroll Shelby power shifting a Ford Cobra prototype.

"Headhunter", penned by all three, is a nod in the direction of the Cadets' "Stranded In The Jungle" as interpreted by maestro Link Wray. Bassist Sonny
Biography taken from Explosives CD booklet on Wizzard In Vinyl Records