Very few punk bands actually stuck their principles and shunned the lurid advances of the major companies. Whether the DRONES from Manchester, UK, were such a band, or whether they were never given the opportunity, is debatable. Either way, the band issued three singles and an ephemeral album that now seems to personify the new wave. Second division punk they may have been, but they were, nevertheless, exciting and vital.

The DRONES' humble recording carrer began with an EP on the Ohm label, "Temptations Of A White Collar Worker", in the spring of 1977. The release of "Bone Idol" on their own Valer label later in the year was swiftly followed by a rough but enthousiastic album entitled "Further Temptations". The group ended the year with an inclusion on the Beggars Banquet Records sampler "Streets". After that, M.J. Drone (lead vocals & rhythm guitar), Gus "Gangrene" Callender (lead guitar and vocals), Pete Perfect (drums), and Steve "Whisper" Cundall (bass) keep a low profile, turning up on the essential live punk document "Short Circuit - Live At The Electric Circus", in mid-1978. After a final single, "Can't see", on the Fabulous label, the band's carrer ended in 1981.