Punk-pop band formed in New Orleans in December 1979, original Cold guitarists Kevin Radecker and Bert Smith were joined by bassist Vance DeGeneres, organist/vocalist Barbara Menendez and drummer Chris Luckette, who had just left the Normals. It was a major overhaul, and one that promised remarkable strides.The overhaul paid off, of course. After starting with a couple of shows a week and a modest-sized repertory, the group soon evolved into the city's premier big-beat stylists. In July 1980 it released a single "You"/ "Three Chord City".

A year after the release of their first single, the Cold is in the unique position of being full-time musicians. Members of the Cold write songs, rehearse, play gigs and sleep late. No one has to get up early to rush to the office. Few other New Orleans musicians, popular or not, are so privileged.

Feb 1981 "Mesmerized" / "Wake Up" single released
Aug 1981 "Never Alone" / "Thanks a Lot" single released

May 1982, their fourth single "Do the Dance" / "Missing Hit Man" was produced by Craig Leon, who engineered the first Blondie album and produced the Ramone's first LP. "Do the Dance" has the appeal of a nursery rhyme and the vivacity of an old cartoon. . "Missing Hit Man" seems to have been musically inspired by the tremelo-heavy soundtracks of mid-60's spy movies, and lyrically inspired by Raymond Chandler's detective novels.

Feb 1981 "Mesmerized" / "Wake Up" single released