The Blind Alley - beat-mod band from Torino, Italy. Early italian mod revival band of the eighties, together with Undergound Arrows from Rome, was one of the most important band in town during four years from 1980 to 1984. Mod, beat, rock'n'roll and new wave taking inspiration from The Jam, Costello, Squeeze, J.Jackson, The Who, played with a punky mood.

Three members line-up, english lyrics, immediate powerful songs capturing the audience at the first time. Gigi Restagno - vocals, bass; Luca Bertoglio - guitar, vocals; Marco Ciari - drums, were successful at the time but not so productive in record business... only one single in 1983, double a-side "Whistle March - I Was Dreaming" and a lot of tapes unreleased on records.

Some beat and mod bands of today, Statuto, Fratelli di Soledad and more, still play and record Blind Alley songs, keeping memories alive!

Marco Ciari - 2004