Formed in 1977 in San Francisco when a 19 year old girl named Penelope Houston moved to San Francisco to go to art school. The original AVENGERS' members were Penelope Houston, vocals - Danny Furious on drums, Greg Ingraham on guitar, and Jonathan Postal on bass.

The first time AVENGERS played was at a Warehouse party and there was about 200 people there and just played covers. And then suddenly they got a show after the Nuns on April '77 at the Mabuhay. At a some point Jonathan left to be replaced by James Calvin Wilsey (aka Jimmy Blaze).
In 1977 the AVENGERS' first EP "We're The One" was recorded in Los Angeles at Kitchen Sink Studios and came in October 1977 on Dangerhouse records.

14th January 1978, The Avengers opened for the SEX PISTOLS in San Francisco for their final show at Winterland. This opening gig gave the Avengers a higher profile, and the Sex Pistols/Avengers connection continued after that and their "The American In Me" 12" EP was finally produced by Pistols' guitarist Steve Jones.. The Avengers also went on to headline dates with the Go-Go's, X and the Dead Kennedys. Unfortunately, during the summer 1978, trouble began with the line-up: Greg left, Jimmy took over guitar, and many replacement bassists . After few other gigs they called it a day early 1979 before the "The American In Me" 12" came out..  
In 1983 the posthumous "Avengers" album originally came out on Go! Records, which were partners with David Ferguson (of CD Presents). They had some falling out. He ended up suing them, and preventing them from releasing that record when they had already printed up 1000 record covers. So he had Ferguson's permission to put it out on his label.

After the Avengers folded in 1979, Penelope Houston worked with Alex Gibson and Howard Devoto. In 1986, under the band name 30 a smart and melodic single"Full of Wonder" is issued.