What is a Nowhere? A Nowhere is someone who sees God each time some fat, beery-eyed darts player scores one hundred and eighty on TV. A Nowhere is someone who turns to Page Three of the "Soaraway Sun" , beats the wife and thinks That's Life...

ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE was formed, towards the end of '80, by four residents Tunbridge Wells who, since childhood days spent together, had always been on the lookout for new ridiculous experiences with witch to stain life's grey tapestry. They'd been in wild biker gangs together, slung out pubs and clubs together, beaten up and bruised together.
Original line-up was leading by Animal and rhythm guitarist Magoo with Bones on drums and Baggy Elvy on bass.

Their first gig was at Tunbridge Wells, on the day of the annual carnival, at which they got arrested. This led to their first press coverage with the local newspaper describing their gig as a 'cacophony of noise'.

In 1981, Hopper and Clive "Winston" Blake came in on drums and bass respectively, although Hopper was quickly replaced with PJ ('Persian John'). They managed to get a slot in The Exploited's Apocalypse tour, along with Chron Gen and Anti Pasti. This led to them signing to John Curd's record label WXYZ, with Curd and Chris Gabrin co-managing the band.

November/December 1981 saw the band opened for The Damned on a short tour round the north of England and Scotland and the release of their first single, a cover version of "Streets of London" (the anthem of social workers) with the song that was to become the group's anthem, "So What" on the B-side.

In 1982, they took part in the 'So What Tour' in the company of such groups as Chelsea , Chron Gen and the Defects, and the release of their debut album 'We Are...The League' . However, the Obscene Publications Squad seized all copies of their records , which were removed from retailers and they were banned from TV and radio.. The year finished with the 'Hardcore Storms America' tour with the UK Subs .
Gilly (real name Mark Gilham) joined the band in 1983 as an extra guitarist. The band went to Yugoslavia to record a live album, called Live In Yugoslavia, but this was dogged by problems with the authorities insisting that references that Animal had made about their recently deceased president Tito be removed from the master tapes, and any language which they deemed to be offensive be bleeped.

By 1984 PJ got fired, unable to cope with the pressures of the drugs and alcohol lifestyle the band were now leading, and they became musically inactive. 1985 saw Michael Bettell join on drums, followed in 1986 by JB (Jonathan Birch). During this time they signed for GWR Records, and recorded the The Perfect Crime album. However, once again there were problems.

GWR refused to put up the money to finish the album once they heard its rough cut, and it was released unfinished to try to get back some of the money already invested.

This was the final straw, and in 1987 ANWL disbanded. There was a farewell show in 1989, which can be heard on their live album Live Animals.

Michael Bettell died aged 41, from a brain tumour.

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