You may already know that even before the Silencers, Jimme and Cha were involved in the musical world, not in Scotland but in London. Cha was then the guitarist of the band Adam and the Ant , whereas Jimme used to write for Lene Lovitch and Paul Young . The encounter of our two "future" Silencers drove into the Fingerprintz in 1979, with the release of a first 12" single : Dancing with Myself / Sync Unit / Sean's New Shoes . Three albums will follow : The Very Dab , Distinguishing Marks and Beat Noir
in all these albums, you can find a sound that reminds the post-punk era, and when you listen to the songs, you will undoubtedly feel an evolution, noticing however obvious links between the tracks of the album The Very Dab and those of Distinshing Marks (Wet Jobs). 
S In the second album, Bob Shilling became Bogdan Wiczling (but it seems this is the same person anyway!!), and the music also became much more accessible, with tracks such as Houdini Love , Jabs and the famous Bulletproof Heart (which was released as single already at the time). Tracks were not anylonger composed by Jimme alone, since he was now helped by Cha. 
In the third album (recorded in Paris and London) the same musicians were present, plus Sadie "The Cat" (Jimme's wife). Beat Noir is actually the beginning of the "Silencers" sound, with such tracks as Touch Sense . At the same period a new single was released : Bohemian Dance / Coffe and Screams

The band then separated "split" in 1985, and Jimme and Cha returned to their native Scotland in order to found the Silencers with Martin Hanlin and Joe Donnelly (a cousin of Jim Kerr). Before they eventually chose the definitive name for the band, our four musicians hesitated a long time between such names as My Gronny's Green Armchair, See Gong Planet or The Hot Dog from Hell. 
In September 1986, the band started to repeat in Berlin, in Denmark, in Scotland and in London, and soon the demo of  Painted Moon would be chosen to illustrate a film called "The Home Front". Painted Moon was then released as single in April 1987. It would be soon much appreciated by critics. The album A Letter from St Paul was be released one month later, after a Tour supporting the Pretenders in Europe and UK...
From a text by Valérie Prouvost, Silences, 02/1992

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