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Last Upated: 9 December 2011
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Rockin' For A Living

1st CD by former member of the Leftovers from Portland, USA.

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January 2012



Welcome to The ModPopPunk Archives!
This web site feature PowerPop - Punk Rock - Mod Revival bands biographies, discographies...
The bands listed here were active between mid 70s to mid 80s .
Please don't hesitate to email me any additional informations about the bands listed...

The FAB MODS 1st Album (Close Up Records) Formed in 1978 in London, The Fab Mods released their first LP in 1979, and were part of the New Wave Punk explosion in England with The Jam, The Clash ,Stiff Little Fingers, The Members. One year later, please cut the crap!
That's a big lie. In fact the Fab Mods are from Paris (France). The Band has just released its first vinyl LP in 2011: 14 tracks in the pure English Punk Rock style from the late 70's. Real songs with real melodies to be sang together or in the shower. Only if you take short showers (no longer than 3 min.) The Fab Mods wear the fingers and voices out to offer what Rock should be: strong structures, catchy rhythmics and implacable melodies.

THE JETZ - The Antholgy 1977-79 (Queen Mum Records ) This anthology including "CATCH ME" + 11 previously unreleased high energy Powerpop Anthems recorded between 1977-79! Limited to 500 copies worldwide! All hits NO fillers!!

MOTHER'S CHILDREN - That's Who! (Deranged Records). From Ottawa, Canada, pumping out a unique style of high-energy power come Mother's Children. The four piece got together to start a punk band in the vein of The Boys and Tennage Head with the pop sensibilities of The Raspberries and The Easybeats, and the stomping rock'n'roll energy of T.Rex and Slade. The bubblegum loving punks playing power pop in a modern age are finally starting to receive international attention with their brand new debut album. "That's Who!" is a slice of pop perfection. The songs are innocent, unprententious, exciting and filled with unforgettable hooks that sound as good on your stereo at home.
PROTEX - Strange obsessions LP (Sing Sing Records) This Strange Obsesssions has long been the holy grail of fervent record collectors worldwide. Rumors have abound that this album had been released in Holland and or that there were a small number of white label test pressings in existence but none of these claims have ever been substantiated. As far as I can ascertain, this is the first time that ten of these tracks have become commercially available anywhere. The fruits of these Chas Chandler sessions had only been previously hinted at with the bands final singles and the track All I Wanna Do Is Rock ‘N' Roll that appeared on the American only Polydor compilation album Made In Britain .

Graet e Breizh / Made In Brittany
1999 / 2012

For helped or supported along the way, I would like to express my gratitude to:
Andy (Search&Destroy), Alun(from Wales), André(from Portugal), Abdella (from France), Ada (Strangeways), Adam (Exploding Hearts) RIP , Andy(Zipper), Bart( Manual Scan), Alfred (Twist & Shout), Bobby & Rich (Pleazer), Boni & Vero (The Veros), Brian (BackToZero), Brian (Rudi), Brian (The Shapes), Brice (Zipper), Carl (The Magnets), Chuck (Hyped2Death), Brett & Chris (The Chords), Daisule(Wizzard In Vinyl), Dan(Demics), Dave (Sham 69), Dave (What/Exit), Dave(Vipers), Den(Pencils), Dom P., Ed(The Rudies), Eric (Paris,Fr), Elvera from Dublin (Reekus Rds), Frédéric F, Freddie(The Explosives), Gareth(The Shapes), Gavin(Private Dicks), George(The Carpettes), Gerry, Austin & Jackie(The Moondogs), Hakan (Bruset), Hervé (Floo Flash), Howard (The Marbles), Ian(The Name), Ian(The Scene), Ian Dunster(Uk), Jack(The Boys), James(The 45s), Jamie(Untamed Youth), Jan (The Moderns), Jean Marc Vos, Jean-Luc Roujou, Jordi (from Spain), Joe D. (from Belfast), Jeff(from USA), Jeff(Purple Hearts), John(Overground Rds), John(The Zipps), Joe(Defiant Pose), Joey(Silly Boys), Jonathan(Paley Brothers), Jeremy(Barracudas), Jerry(The Toys), Joe(The Go), Juluis(from Holland), Jump Up! Rds, Ken(The Vipers), Kidder (Incr. Kidda Band), Klas(Protectors), Larry (Phonz), Laurent L. (from Brittany), LastYear'sYouth Rds(Joe), Lukas(The Movement), Luke & Aude (from Eire and Brittany), Maks(Dolbies), Mark(Knife Edge), Marco (Blind Alley), Mark(The Lambrettas), Mitch(Rattlers), Matthew Kaplan, Müllja(from Berlin), Mike (The Stripes), Mickey & John (Undertones), Neil(The Flys), Nestor (Detroit,USA), Nick (The Pleasers), Norman (Famous Players) Pär(Vapors website), Paul(G Squad), Paul(Tearjerkers), Paul (Starjets) , Peter(Heartbreak), Pete(Negatives), Phil(The Stiffs), Pilon (Paris,Fr), Pierre (Les Désaxés), Ralf(Die Profis), Ramona(Dizzy&Romilar), Raf (GuerillaFront), Régis "Lagouille" (from France), Régis R. (France), René (De Cylinders) Richard(The Diodes), Richard(Ail Symudiad), Richard (Tours), Rick(The Jam), Rob(Little Murders), Robbie(Speedometers), Roger (The Pop), Sean and Guy(from Ulster), Shanne(TheNips), Stephen(Nightriders), Steve(Distractions), Steve(Boys website), Steve(LowDownKids), Steve(The Now), Stuart(Fast Cars), Ted (Stanbys), Terry(SlowGuns), Tim(Pylons), Tim (XL Capris), Todd(Impossible years), Tom(Atlantics), Tony(Strange Movments), Tony&Fabie(Guilty Rds), Tony (LTS), Vincent(Brigade Choc), Yann & Patrick (from Brittany), Yoshisato(The Badge website)......